January ushers in new opportunities, resolutions and a world of new culinary possibilities. 2017 looks to be promising as a year of fun and exciting food trends, focusing on ethnic flavors, new styles of serving, and locally sourced ingredients. We’ve selected three of these trends and are declaring our official dining trend predictions for 2017.



1. Natural Ingredients

This is a trend that’s carrying over from 2016 as more consumers change their diets to reflect their lifestyles. This has caused an increase in organic, locally sourced and heirloom produce. Consumers are demanding less processed, tampered foods and gunning for produce. Consumers are demanding less processed, tampered foods and gunning for more whole foods and restaurants that focus on serving whole foods. This also extends to shopping as more people are open to buying “ugly” produce and even agriculture as people are growing their own herbs and produce.


2. Street-Food Inspired Dishes

People are going gaga over dishes served in street-food style or with ethnic ingredients from street foods around the globe. The options and flavors are seemingly endless but tempura, kabobs and dumplings are a few dishes that are making a huge splash. Handheld foods are especially popular, such as crepes, tacos and shawarma.



3. Savory Desserts

Sweet desserts are so last season! Now bakers are taking classic pastries like donuts and cupcakes and giving them rounded savory flavors. Most of these desserts are a combination of sweet and savory, such as the maple-bacon combination that has grown in popularity. Adventurous chefs are taking this flavor trend a step further by infusing unexpected flavors into new treats, such as lavender and rosemary into filled donuts or basil and mint into ice cream.

More information on these trends and others can be found at the National Restaurant Association’s website.

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