A Texture Modified Foods Program

When Food Looks Good People Want to Eat It! It sounds so simple, right? Research shows that food presentation alone can boost appetites and nicely plated foods are perceived to taste better. The Appeal Program focuses on artfully shaping and presenting puréed foods into a familiar and comforting meal. Residents recognize the foods that they are eating and want to eat it. Your community will see increased meal consumption, reduced weight loss and malnutrition, and an overall healthier population.

About the Program

Culinary Services Group has partnered with Lyons Magnus to develop a standard of food presentation that can be replicated consistently across all our communities. With the Appeal Premium Program, staff will receive a manual that includes recipes with step by step instructions to create remarkable dishes.

Appeal offers meal options and opportunities to residents at all levels of the IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative) spectrum of modified eating. We can offer bite-sized foods with soft textures for those with some ability to chew. We can also offer a dignified approach to puréed diets, by molding proteins and vegetables into appealing shapes and presentations.


When communities select this program, Culinary Services Group supports you with all the resources needed to implement the Appeal Program. Our dietitians and chefs will prepare a customized menu specific to your facility with a wide variety of foods that not only fit within the program’s guidelines but also take into consideration the preferences of your residents. We will also provide continuous training and support to our staff. By providing visually appealing presentations, we set our goals to nourish your community and improve the quality of life for those we serve.

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