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January 2020 AVON, CT – Culinary Services Group announced it has been granted a food service contract with Avon Health Center in Avon, Connecticut, located 30 miles west of Hartford. The contract has been signed for 3 years and will include both management of the dietary staff and food procurement. Avon Health Center is a family-owned, 125-bed skilled nursing facility who has been providing health care services in the local area for over 65 years.

“The partnership between Avon Health Center and Culinary Services Group will create the dining experience that Avon has wanted for their residents for many years. They are a caring community that wants all their residents to feel at home. Culinary Services Group is a natural fit.”

– Scott Alme, VP of Business Development, Culinary Services Group

Culinary Services Group is a contract food management company known for providing fresh, locally sourced food, creative menus, and restaurant-quality meal service. Avon, who was previously handling food service in-house, believes the contract with Culinary Services Group will elevate the current dining experience for their residents and help them stand out as a preferred provider in the Connecticut area.

The contract with Avon Health Center is the third in the Connecticut area for Culinary Services Group. The company also has business in the New Haven and Norwalk areas. They are looking forward to continuing to strengthen their business footprint in Connecticut as well as gaining further reach in the rest of New England.

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