Encore at Turf Valley Assisted Living community hired Culinary Services Group to help them address significant food service management challenges. Encore is a beautiful facility located on a country club property, known by residents as “Club Encore” for delivering the quality of service expected from a five star hotel.

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Their previous contract food service management company, however, had “failed miserably” (in the words of Lou Grimmel, Jr, Encore’s Executive Director), in their efforts to live up to that level of service.

Encore brought on Culinary Services Group as a new contract foodservice management provider to help them find solutions. “They understood and saw the challenges that they had, along with the expectations that they had as a building,” said John Ramey, Vice President at Culinary Services Group, “and knew that if they partnered with us we would resolve those issues for them.”

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Customized Solutions for Your Facility’s Food Service Operation

“The customization starts with recognizing that every community is unique,” said Rich Valway, CSG President, “and therefore, those communities have unique needs. Our job is to be the experts, provide the leadership, and the insight to address possible operational solutions.”

Exectuive Director Grimmel explained: “We’ve got three dining rooms, we’ve got a bistro, and then we’ve got room service across both sides of the building, and as a result there’s a lot, in terms of food service going on, so you really need an A player, a team that knows food service and how to operate.”

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Embracing Your Company Culture and Vision

Culinary Services Group embraced Encore’s culture and vision to develop systems that would allow them to deliver the highest quality service to all of their residents. One of the biggest challenges Encore faced was in getting hot food from their basement kitchen to residents dining on the third floor of the building. Food that traveled three stories often arrived cold, which was unacceptable to the residents, and failed to meet the high standards of the facility.

Decentralized Service

One of the most important innovations CSG implemented was a steam table solution to meet the challenge of delivering hot food from the basement to the third floor dining room. CSG replaced the tray line with a decentralized system delivering hot food to residents right at point of service. “Now we’re able to have food service come hot, right off that steam table, to our residents,” said Lou Grimmel.

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Provide Better Value to Your Residents

“That has been a huge success,” said John Ramey, “the satisfaction level of the residents has skyrocketed.” CSG specializes in developing customized solutions for the facilities they work with, to deliver a higher level of care and service to their residents. Click here to contact CSG about their food service management programs!

“Clearly, these guys are a 10. I’m not where I was a year and a half ago where I was concerned with residents getting food on time, it being the correct diet consistency, it being warm or hot,” said Lou Grimmel. “These guys have been a wonderful partner, I would advocate for anybody who is looking to partner with a foodservice group to give these guys an opportunity, because they’ve satisfied all expectations and really have gone beyond.”

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