A Finger Foods Program

Finger Foods Preserve Dignity When Mobility is Limited. One of the many joys of life is breaking bread with friends and family, so it’s easy to understand why those who have trouble eating with traditional utensils may experience frustration and embarrassment during group meals. The Empower Program is designed to restore a sense of dignity by offering a variety of freshly prepared finger foods. The focus of this resident-first philosophy is to restore a sense of satisfaction and independence to your residents’ dining experience. Your community will see prolonged independence, increased self-esteem, and reduced weight loss and malnutrition.

About the Program

Culinary Services Group has developed a standard of food presentation that can be replicated consistently across all our communities. The Empower Premium Program considers a resident’s prescribed therapeutic diet and liquid consistency, if applicable, as well as food preferences, and nutrition-focused customizations.

Empower offers a variety of recipes that provide nutritional well-being in an appealing and consistent manner. Our Registered Dietitians will work closely with the community’s Speech Language Pathologist to determine if the Empower Program is an appropriate strategy for individual residents. Together we can preserve dignity and improve nutritional outcomes for residents with mealtime challenges.


When communities select this program, Culinary Services Group supports you with all the resources needed to implement the Empower Program. Our dietitians and chefs will prepare a customized menu specific to your facility with a wide variety of foods that not only fit within the program’s guidelines but also take into consideration the preferences of your residents. We will also provide continuous training and support to our staff. By providing enticing finger food presentations, we set our goals to nourish your community and improve the quality of life for those we serve. 

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