A Fortified Foods Program

A Food-First Philosophy to Maintaining Wellness. Simple, hearty foods are the key to fortified nutrition. The Enhance program fortifies familiar foods like hot cereals, potatoes, and soups with natural, wholesome ingredients. These calorie and protein-dense foods promote weight gain and support food intake. This food-first approach has been proven to be more cost-effective than traditional commercial supplements. With this program, your community will use real food to reduce weight loss and malnutrition, creating an overall healthier population.

About the Program

Culinary Services Group has crafted a sustainable, food-first approach to nutritional intervention. The Enhance Premium Program provides residents with delicious, calorie and protein-dense foods to promote weight gain or weight maintenance and support food intake. Communities can decrease the costly use of supplements while facilitating the long-term wellness of their residents.

Enhance offers nutrition strategies that meet the individualized nutritional needs of residents. Our Registered Dietitians work with residents to determine a strategy for offering Enhance based on diet, food preferences, ordered liquid consistency and other nutritional challenges. In the kitchen, Food Service Directors and Chef Managers work to ensure the recipes provided are crafted with consistency and nutritional adequacy.


When communities select this program, Culinary Services Group ensures that we select a cook who is passionate about working with fortified foods. Our goal is to prepare an inventory of items that our staff will be able to manage at any point and execute on all levels. We can give your unit’s Enhance Specialist a full spectrum of resources to implement any fortified menu items. We also provide continued training at our corporate kitchen headquarters with our executive chef. By providing foods that are familiar favorites, we set our goals to nourish your community and improve the quality of life for those we serve.

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