The idea of a holiday party potluck probably sounded amazing when you first heard it, and you had a great time planning your contribution, finding the exact ingredients, and spending an afternoon chopping, kneading and sweating over a perfectly crafted culinary creation. It wasn’t until you were heading over to the party- whether it was fifteen minutes or an hour away- did you realize you had no idea how to transport your sweet potato casserole/santa hat cupcakes/famous red skin potato salad. If this has happened to you (and it probably has) this list of tips and tricks for travelling with dishes might save you the next time you’re about to head to Granny’s with a bowl of potato salad surrounded by packs of frozen peas and an old scarf.

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Hot Casserole

For hot dishes, an easy DIY method of travelling is to use a cardboard box and some towels. Place a layer of towels on the bottom on the box and place the covered casserole in the middle. Roll or fold towels and then tuck them around the casserole dish so that it is secure. It might also be wise to place a few folded towels on top for extra security. The towels are a great tool as they insulate the dish to keep it warm but also are there to soak up any spills that may occur during transport. If this all seems a bit much for you, you can snag a casserole carrier from Amazon. 


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Small Appetizers

To keep delicate pastries or other small individual snacks from rolling around on a try or sticking together, start out with a baking sheet and a kitchen towel. Place the towel on the sheet and fasten with a heavy duty tape such as duct or packing tape. Position the individual pieces on the towel and tightly wrap the entire thing with plastic wrap.


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Type of food: Pie

The easiest way to transport a pie is by inverting another pie tin on top of the pie and wrapping the whole thing in a huge sheet of tin foil. You could also get this handy Pyrex Pie Plate with Locking Carrier so that you can bake your pie and pop in in the carrier for easy travel!


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Type of food: Cold dishes

For cold dishes, newspapers are the way to go. Place the covered and sealed container in a cardboard box or insulated bag and surround it with slightly balled up newspaper. Wedge in some frozen cold packs if possible and dispose of the wet paper when you reach your destination.

It’s also handy to bring a thermometer with you so you can check your food before it’s served. Keep hot foods hot (135 F or higher) and cold foods cold (40 F or lower).


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