It’s a fact – better nutrition leads to
better health and lower costs.

And for you, this can lead to better reimbursement. To support your wellness strategy and improve patient surveys, we encourage better food consumption by offering delicious meals, innovative menus, and options that include in-room ordering. Using fresh, locally-sourced food, our meals are made from scratch, and every meal is served with unparalleled customer service. Results are important to us, and our Registered Dietitians actively participate in QAPI and the MDS processes. From your employees to your visitors and patients, we create positive, memorable experiences that will exceed all expectations.

We are dedicated to helping you:

Improve outcomes.

Adult and pediatric malnutrition continues to be pervasive in US hospitals, with an estimated one out of five pediatric patients and one out of three adult patients aged 60+ being identified as malnourished. Some may even experience a decline in nutritional status during their stay. We are committed to helping you combat malnutrition, along with a variety of other nutritional challenges that hospitals face, through our great food and customer service. We know that food quality, plate presentation, and taste matter when we’re getting patients to eat food that is beneficial to their health and recovery. We also know that the better we treat people and make eating a positive experience, the more receptive they are to continuing to eat and therefore improve overall.

Manage costs.

Research is showing the cost of poor nutrition and the ROI for investing in nutrition programs – ie improving nutrition helps to lower the cost of care. For example, those with chronic illnesses who are also malnourished add approximately $15 billion in additional healthcare spending annually. On the other end of the spectrum, those who are overweight or obese added $147 billion to healthcare costs in 2008, with diabetes adding $245 billion in costs during 2012. As more research becomes available, food and nutrition will continue to be a critical investment and core component of wellness strategies in hospitals. In addition, our procurement contracts ensure we get the best prices for the best food, and we thoroughly train our staff to be more efficient and utilize best practices to reduce waste. Culinary Services Group’s computerized management system provides managers a fully integrated resource to manage the dietary services department, reducing the amount of time spent on administrative responsibilities.

Engage your community.

It’s no longer enough to just provide great food and nutrition, and here at Culinary Services Group we know that how we do what we do matters. We aim to raise the bar on consistent hospitality, whether it’s serving your patients, visitors, or staff.

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