According to a recent study by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, nutritional supplements account for as much as 9% of healthcare spending. That number goes up dramatically when singling out the Senior-only population. Unfortunately, oral nutritional supplements have become a way of life in many long-term care facilities. If you are looking for ways to reduce supplement dependence, take a look at our Enriched for Life and Tastefully Textured programs. These programs not only increase food quality but they also enhance the quality of life for your residents.

Family members and long-term caregivers agree that food should be the first line of defense against weight loss and malnutrition. Culinary Services Group, LLC (CSG) couldn’t agree more. When residents aren’t eating and require intervention, our philosophy is “food first,” before prescribing supplements.

In order to help residents with extra special needs, CSG developed the Enriched for Life program. CSG’s Enriched for Life program has changed the way our communities approach nutrition intervention. Our Registered Dietitians and Certified Dietary Managers work together evaluating each of your resident’s nutritional needs and preferences.

Enriched for Life, a fortified foods program uses natural, rich, nutritionally dense foods to improve resident health. Our Culinary Team has selected comfort foods and simple menu items which are then fortified to taste great while giving residents the calorie and protein boosts they need. Our Enriched for Life program includes items such as
• hot cereals
• soups
• shakes
• smoothies
• entrees
• desserts

Enriched for Life uses recipes which have been developed in Culinary Services Group’s own test kitchen and taste-tested by residents. CSG’s goal is to keep your residents eating their best.

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