Your residents don’t live in our workplace,
we work in their home.

We are resident-centered and food first. Meaning, we recognize that your residents are individuals with varying wants and needs – we also recognize the loss of choice that they experience and the impact this has on someone’s dignity. Knowing this, we commit ourselves to restoring dignity by providing choice and empowering them to help in menu development. In addition, the food first approach simply means that we serve real food before relying on supplements (See our Senior Nutrition Programs). Using fresh, locally-sourced food, we make our dishes from scratch, and serve these delicious meals with authentic warmth and compassion. We have tailored solutions for your community and your budget, while actively keeping your residents as our main priority.

We are dedicated to helping you:

Improve outcomes.

We know that the food quality, plate presentation (See our Senior Nutrition Programs), and the overall dining experience matter when we’re bringing everyone together to eat. Our Registered Dietitians are trained to be hands-on and identify those who may have certain dietary restrictions or malnutrition. This proactive philosophy can also help identify any underlying issues. Recipes are adapted accordingly, and alternatives are customized with the same nutritious and delicious results as our other selections. Beyond the motivation from our fantastic food, we pride ourselves on our hospitality. Our service team is thoroughly trained to provide unparalleled customer service, take a genuine interest in your residents, and take initiative in assisting residents. We even require our chefs to visit with your residents and staff to ensure their dining experience was exceptional (once the meals are cooked of course!). With loneliness now listed as a social determinant of health, our goal is to make eating a social experience again, thus improving your residents’ overall quality of life.

Manage costs.

Research is showing the cost of poor nutrition and the ROI for investing in nutrition programs. On average, we save our clients $30,000-$50,000 per year. How are we able to accomplish this? To start, we never sacrifice quality for cost. Our customers come first, and our customers include you, your staff, and your residents. We see ourselves as stewards of your money and take that responsibility seriously, ensuring you get the best prices for the best food by partnering with a national Group Purchasing Organization. and thoroughly train our staff to be more efficient and utilize best practices in order to reduce waste. Our proprietary systems and programs are only some of the tools our leaders utilize to control costs. Culinary Services Group’s computerized management system provides managers a fully integrated resource to manage the dietary services department, reducing the amount of time spent on administrative responsibilities. The system includes applications such as resident information, scheduling, inventory control and much more. None of this is possible, though, without a thoroughly trained team that is taught to embrace best practices while maintaining the highest efficiency.

Engage your community.

We invite residents to collaborate with us and empower them to have an active role in the development of their menus. In fact, the first thing we do when we begin a partnership is interview your residents. We establish likes and dislikes, along with ethnic and cultural preferences. Taking the information learned during these interviews, we then develop menus that are tailored to their preferences. On an ongoing basis, our management team actively participates in your community’s Resident’s Council or Food Committee and takes feedback from those meetings to continually customize these menus. Additionally, we promote and host special events that encourage more residents and their families to come together. Delighted to work closely with your community’s administrative team to include their decorating ideas, input and support, these themed meals can be planned to support your community’s Activities Department.

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