Senior Nutrition Programs

Enriched for Life: CSG’s Fortified Foods Program

Inspired by requests from our residents with extra special needs, Culinary Services Group’s Enriched for Life program has changed the way our communities approach nutrition intervention.  Our Registered Dietitians and Certified Dietary Managers work together evaluating each of your residents nutritional needs and preferences.

When residents aren’t eating and require intervention,
our philosophy is “food first,” before prescribing supplements.

Enriched for Life, CSG’s fortified foods program uses natural, rich, nutritionally dense foods to improve resident health.  Our Culinary Team has selected comfort foods and simple menu items which are then fortified to taste great while giving residents the calorie and protein boosts they need.

Our Enriched for Life program included items such as

  • hot cereals
  • soups
  • shakes
  • smoothies
  • entrées
  • desserts

Enriched for Life uses recipes which have been developed in Culinary Services Group’s own test kitchen and taste-tested by residents.  CSG’s goal is to keep your residents eating their best.


Oasis:  CSG’s Hydration Program

Keeping your residents well hydrated is vital to maintaining good health and well being.  Many seniors forget to drink fluids and are unable to recognize that they are thirsty. Providing visible “hydration stations” in resident common areas reminds them to drink fluids throughout the day.  A hydration program in eldercare doesn’t have to be expensive.  Fresh fruit and herb infused water not only satisfies thirst, but also provides vitamins and minerals to promote healthier residents. The color splash of the fresh fruit attracts residents to the “hydration station” and the taste keeps them coming back for more.

As with all our eldercare dining services programs, our team of Registered Dietitians and Certified Dietary Managers work together to identify residents with increased hydration risk. Residents are assessed for fluid needs and risk factors that may compromise their ability to stay well hydrated.  Our team not only takes special care to provide adequate fluids at meal time, but we also ensure fluids are available in between meals.


Tastefully Textured

Pan Seared Scallops on a Grit Cake with Sauteed Spinach Balsamic Reduction 300x135 - Senior Nutrition Programs

A resident inspired program, Tastefully Textured has changed the way our residents with Dysphagia receive their meals.

Research across the US supports what you already know: people eat better when their food looks appealing. Our aim is to keep your residents well nourished by stimulating their appetites and increasing their mealtime food consumption.

The Tastefully Textured program helps ease residents off of supplement dependence.

CSG takes puree foods a step beyond what most dining programs provide. Some of the key components of a great puree food program are that the food items look appealing and taste great. Tastefully Textured . . .

  • Avoids frozen and prefabricated items
  • Starts with fresh foods
  • Artfully designs and shapes food
  • Pours thickened liquids into glasses
  • Eliminates prepackaged institutional containers

Tastefully Textured foods resemble the familiar foods your residents have eaten all their lives and your staff knows what is being served.

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