It all starts with a sniff, a cough or a sneeze. You spend two days in denial as your sinuses swell and body aches. It’s time to face the facts; you’re sick. As we head into November, this scenario will become all too familiar to most everyone. To avoid a trip to the doctor or a pharmacy, it’s important to focus on cold and flu prevention before you have to deal with symptoms. Some excellent ways to avoid catching a bug is to wash your hands often and avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose. In addition to these habits, some foods can boost your immune system and keep the sniffles at bay the whole winter long!


Garlic - Snuffing out the Sniffles: Four Foods to Fight Colds

No longer just for fighting off vampires, this fragrant ingredient contains allicin, a champion of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Research studies have shown that people taking garlic supplements experienced fewer and less severe colds compared to those taking a placebo. So even if you don’t avoid a cold, it won’t be as intense and might not last as long. If you want to avoid garlic breath, you can take supplements and they will do the trick just as well.


799px Curcuma longa roots - Snuffing out the Sniffles: Four Foods to Fight Colds

Most used in curry dishes, this brightly colored spice is high in anti-oxidants and is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties. If taken daily, it’s been said that turmeric can relieve the body of toxins. Next time your loved ones or office mate is sounding stuffed up, grab a nice curry or some turmeric hummus and get snacking.

Sweet Potatoes

5aday sweet potato - Snuffing out the Sniffles: Four Foods to Fight Colds

This year at the holiday dinner table, swap your buttery mashed potatoes for a sweet potato casserole for a boost of Vitamin A. This vitamin is crucial in keeping the musocal surfaces in your body healthy. These include not only the inside of your nose but also your gastrointestinal tract as well as your skin. Skin is often the first line of defense in your immune system as it stops germs and infections from entering your body. Sweet potato fries also make an excellent swap for regular potatoes and are perfect when paired with a spicy or sweet mustard sauce.

Chicken Soup

Korean chicken soup Ogolgyetang 01 - Snuffing out the Sniffles: Four Foods to Fight Colds

Grandma’s secret recipe isn’t all talk! Chicken soup is an all-in-one meal that prevents and fights cold and flu symptoms. This is a catch-all food for any time you aren’t feeling up to par. Warm broth can soothe a sore throat but also keeps you hydrated. Cooked chicken releases cysteine, an amino acid that mimics the affects of the drug used to treat bronchitis. If you don’t like chicken soup, almost any similar broth-based soup would benefit your body as the combination of liquids, vegetables and protein covers all your bases for a healthy meal to boost your immune system.

These are just a few foods that can keep a nasty cold away. What are some of your tips or recipes that can stop a cold in it’s tracks?

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