Spring is here and health food trends are on the rise. Every day more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of what they are putting into their bodies. This means that healthier decisions are being made on a daily basis. Keep a look out for these three trends and try incorporating them into your meal planning.

1. Alternative Milks
Move out of the way dairy, this year alternative milks are expanding to more than just nut and hemp. You can expect to see more fruit, grain and even veggie milk on the market. A big contributing factor to this is sustainability. People want to drink milk that is good for them, and the environment. Try a creamy banana milk or a pea protein packed veggie milk. If those are too crazy for you stick to a grain based oat milk. Whatever your preference, get creative and get healthy!

2. Underwater Greens
One of the big trends we are seeing this spring is the introduction of new greens such as seaweed and kelp. While before you would rarely see dishes that incorporate these underwater greens, you can now find items like kelp and seaweed chips in grocery stores around the U.S. Many chefs are also using the greens in their soups, sauces and oils.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Foods
The past year has proven to show an increased interest in anti-inflammatory foods. People are searching for foods that heal the body from the inside out. From foods such as salmon and blueberries to rich spices such as tumeric and ginger, these inflammation fighting foods are more popular than ever. Try making a “golden latte” with tumeric, coconut oil, ginger, black pepper, honey and a delicious plant-based milk.

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