118951057Foodies will love these tasty food trends that are guaranteed to be a hit in the kitchen!

Summer is in full force and people are looking for new and exciting ways to eat their favorite types of foods. This summer is serving up some of the most delicious food trends yet. Whether it be cooling down with a drink by the poolside, or spicing things up with a new kind of dessert, we have put together a list of the top four food trends that you need to try.

1. Bunless Burgers
Although buns might have received a standing ovation in the past, many people are opting for a non-carb option when consuming their burgers this summer. More and more burgers and other summertime meats are being served straight from the grill to the plate, skipping the bun altogether. Other people might experiment with using lettuce wraps or dome-shaped sushi rice buns. Whatever your preference, ditch the bun and look for a new way to BBQ!

2. Mocktails
Whether you believe it or not there has been a current rise in people saying no to alcohol. That being said, people still love the taste of a refreshing, fruity summer beverage. Mocktails come to the rescue, as a way to drink your favorite beverage without waking up in pain the next day! You can make them with pretty much any ingredient and they still end up great. Try fruity summer flavors such as watermelon and strawberry. You can even add ice cream and make a mocktail float when you really need a nice way to cool off.

76914d_21a55e69acc24b71a6879d788227f260~mv2.png_2563. Pickles and Ferments
It might not sound like the typical summer treat, but this old-time favorite is definitely making a comeback! Pickled and fermented vegetables add lots of color to any meal. They also are good for your gut flora as well as super delicious! Try pickling some strawberries for a sweet treat this summer.

4. Sweet & Spicy Desserts
Last but certainly not least, the most enticing combination to any dessert this summer. The spicy/sweet phenomenon thtobasco browniesat has become extremely popular started with savoury dishes, but now we’ve seen it everywhere from chocolate bars, to beers and lollipops. Now more and more chefs are using this deadly combination on their dessert menu. Becoming more of a mainstream way of cooking, you can now find anything from chili chocolate chip cookies, to crepes with strawberries and black pepper, giving it just the right kick for your palette. Try getting started with some Tabasco ice cream!


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