As we near the end of July, the temperature is hitting highs in the 90’s and above and isn’t likely to cool down soon. As we endure another month and a half of sweltering days, it’s important to keep yourself and others hydrated and full of energy for swimming, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. Drinking plenty of water and slapping on sunscreen are the basic safety rituals during hot days, but it’s crucial to fuel your body with healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Even swimming in the ocean for just one hour can burn 410 calories!  Here are a few mess-free snacks that are perfect for toting to the beach, the trails, or just your own backyard.

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Grapes are a great source of antioxidants and are full of water to keep you hydrated. The secret to enjoying grapes during the summer is to freeze them; These little balls of frozen joy are perfect for really hot days and the sugary nature of grapes turn them into nature’s own Popsicles!

Trail Mix

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It’s in the name- this portable snack is essential if you are spending a long time outside away from a kitchen or restaurant! Most trail mix recipes are a combination of grains, dried fruits, and nuts but there are tons of different recipes to try! Click here for 21 trail mix recipes to keep your crew happy all summer long. 



Frozen Yogurt in a Tube

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These treats aren’t just for kids! This handy way of packaging yogurt is great for adventurers on the go. Freeze a few tubes overnight and stick them in your cooler. They will stay colder for longer and are a sweet treat for when you reach the top of that mountain!





Energy Bites

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There are a million different recipes for a very simple concept- a bite-sized ball of tightly packed energy-rich foods to eat on-the-move. These aren’t too sticky and are perfect for sharing with your friends on the trail. Here’s a list of 37 energy bite recipes to please even the pickiest eaters. 


Cheese Sticks

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A lunchbox classic, cheese sticks are available in different flavors and fat content and are great as a quick snack. There’s just one questions- are you a biter or a puller? 



Hard Boiled Eggs

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This snack isn’t great if you don’t have a good way to keep them cool, but when it comes to protein, hard-boiled eggs are kings! Peel them before you leave the house for easy snacking. Save time by using this hack for perfectly peeled eggs every time!



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Some would say this is the quintessential snack for travelling. The problem with most jerky that you pick up at the gas stations is that it’s filled with some harmful chemicals and overwhelming amounts of sodium. Check out this list of healthier jerky to take with you the next time you hit the road or go camping for the weekend!

What’s your favorite snacks to take on the go? Let us know!




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